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Howdy. ;) I'm Allison. Idek man, I just really love Fifth Harmony.

I saw and met Fifth Harmony on 8.21.13. ❤

Lauren held my hand and sang "nothing's gonna stop me, you're the one that I want" to me while performing ~ Camila called me her Sugarplum ~ Dinah said she frackin loves my hair ~ Normani grabbed my hand ~ Ally called me perfect.

I’ve Been Thinking About You Part I || A Joniss Multichapter

Pre-75th Annual Hunger Games at the tribute living quarters. Katniss gets a little worked up after Johanna’s elevator striptease, and Johanna decides to give her a little one-on-one lesson..

Rates M for smut and sexy shit. Enjoy your porn and feels. Feel free to request more. Katniss’s POV. Beware-it is a long one. Ooops.

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It is confirmed that Ivy Latimer (Nixie) and Lucy Fry (Lyla) will not be returning for the second season of Mako Mermaids. Here is an appreciation post to the two amazing actresses who portrayed these roles so perfectly in such a short period of time. We will miss Nixie’s wittiness, sarcasm, and gorgeous smile and we will miss Lyla’s hidden warmheartedness and drive. Thank you for making the show complete, and you will be greatly missed.

"As beautiful as the sun shines, it always sets."

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Catching Fire + Quotes

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We've been on such a crazy, wild, fun journey 
and it's all lead up to this moment and this time.

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Quit being perfect Lauren

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Lauren - 2013 VMAs

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